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Give it a good clean - 

When starting to prep the garden for summer it is always best to start with cleaning it up, getting rid of any junk that may have accumulated over the winter will always make the garden appear cleaner. 

Take a look at your fencing - 

Keeping the fencing in order is a key way to get the garden ready for summer, as it is a feature that will always make or break a garden. To keep the fences looking their best, it is best to treat them with some kind of treatment and to paint them if the colour has vanished. This will help restore them and bring the garden together. 

Cut the grass - 

Cutting the grass is another key way to getting the garden ready for summer. Making sure the grass is being cut to a low level will help to keep the garden tidy and will make sure you are prepared for any sudden gatherings that may take place throughout the summer period. 

Clean down the BBQ - 

Cleaning the BBQ down will always help to prepare the garden for the summer. Depending on what type of BBQ you have and what it has been exposed to over the summer period, will determine how much cleaning it will need. Some BBQs will just need a wash down while others will have to have a deeper clean. 

Check the garden furniture - 

Make sure the garden furniture is in a good conidition, with the harsh winter we have endured this year it may have caused the furniture to rot and become damaged to the point where you may need to invest in some new furniture.

Include flowers in the garden - 

Planting some flowers will help to brighten and bring the garden to life. If you are more green fingered and enjoy gardening then planting a wide range of flowers will be better for you but if you aren't into your gardening planting 1-2 different types will allow for you to easily manage them.

Cleaning your gardening tools - 

Just like your garden furniture the tools may have also become damaged over the winter period so make sure you are checking that they all still work. Complete any work that it needed on them before you start to use them so you can achieve the best results.