Our top 7 tips for moving


Tip 1 - Start to pack your things early

Packing all of your stuff early will help you to be able to feel more organised when packing everything up. It's best to start packing up rooms that are least used which makes it easier to not end up with lots of boxes all over the place as you are able to store them in the empty rooms once everything has been put into boxes.

Tip 2 - Label all boxes clearly

Clearly marking all the boxes will help the unpacking process as everything should already be marked so everyone knows what's in it and where it should go. 

Tip 3 - Choose the months that are generally warmer

Choosing the months between the end of March and start of July is always a wise thing to do as the weather is generally warmer than the start of the year but not completely boiling which will help to make the moving process a lot easier. 

Tip 4 - Choose a recognised removal firm 

When choosing a removal firm it's always key to read reviews on how other people have found their service. There is no point choosing a firm that is £40 cheaper but finding half of your things have been smashed due to them rushing to get it done or just disrespect your things. 

Tip 5 - Keep an essential kit seperate

Keeping a bag or box away from the rest of the things being moved is a good idea as it will help you to have everything you need for a few days packed separately and not stuck under your kitchen appliances. Always put all the necessities in such as toiletries, phone charges and any documents you may need while moving. 

Tip 6 - De Clutter everywhere

Making sure you've de cluttered your house before you start packing will make it easier to pack as would of, hopefully, thrown out a lot of stuff you no longer need or use, this then means you're left with a smaller quantity of items to pack and put into boxes. 

Tip 7 - Change your address

Remebering to change your address is key to a successful move. No one wants to find out that their mail has been sent to their old address 6 months down the line, make sure everything has been updated to your new address instead of your old one.