Mistakes Made by the Landlord

  • Overpricing the property

Many landlords will think it is worth more than it is or have been told by other landlords in the area that theirs achieved a certain amount.  Its always best to speak to an agent and they will give you a reasonable estimate on what the property can achieve, its key to get a reasonable estimate so you don’t have to keep reducing the rent in order to find a tenant. 

  • Poor presentation and Furniture

The way a property is presented will always be key in how quickly it is rented out. Having somewhere that looks clean and tidy will be easier to rent than having a property that looks run down and needs a good clean. Including furniture in the property is a way to get a higher rent but if the furniture is old fashioned or run down it will be harder to rent the property as people will be put off as they know the furniture would be coming with the property. 

  • Getting their tenants properly referenced

Not having your tenants properly referenced can you leave in trouble further into the tenancy as they may stop paying their rent or they may damage the property. Having the tenants referenced, in the way that we do it, we get a credit check, employment and previous landlord reference, this way we are able to see if their wage would cover the rent and leave them enough to live off as well as being able to see how they have left their previous property and if they paid their rent on time. 

  • Not researching the letting agent

This is a key mistake that landlords make when looking for a letting agent, it is always best to have a look online at the agents reviews and the experiences other customers have had with the agent. An agent may be 2 minutes down the road but could have terrible reviews compared to an agent who is 10 minutes away but has brilliant reviews. 

  • Ignoring Gas safety checks

A gas safety certificate is needed every 12 months which shows the appliances are safe to be used by the tenants, you must keep each certificate that gets done so if they are ever needed you can prove that it has been completed.  If you fail to complete a gas safety check you can be fined £6,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment. 


Top 4 tips for landlords

Know your audience –

Understand your audience and what their needs are so when you are deciding how to decorate you will already have an understanding of what the general opinion is and needs are. Knowing your audience will help to reduce the chances of having to re let the property every 6 or 12 months as you should already understand what they are looking for and how to appeal to them.  As well as reducing the re let periods it will also enable you to understand what price point you can achieve rather than just expecting get a certain amount.

Understand your legal requirements –

This is a key part that a landlord needs to understand and make sure you follow, as there can be a lot of repercussions if legal requirements are followed correctly.

The main legal requirements are to make sure that a contract has been written and signed by everyone who is part of the tenancy agreement. You should also ensure that you follow the correct procedures for getting tenants out of your property, as there can be problems if you illegally evict them. There is also a lot of legislation that you will have to follow such as ensuring the property has had a gas safety certificate completed by a registered gas engineer, the EPC rating should also be a minimum of an E and that all carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are all working correctly.

Get the property ready for being put on the market –

Make sure the property is well presented and ready to be marketed by either yourself or a letting agent as this will help to get more interest in the property. Get any mould or condensation treated before the property is marketed and always make sure it is done before the tenants are due to move in. Depending on the local market it can sometimes be better to do an update of the property such as putting in a new bathroom or kitchen – this entirely depends on the state of the property and how long it would take to regain the money.  

Location  - 

Where a property is can have a big impact on how much interest it gets. If you’re looking to appeal to families think about having a property that is within the catchment area for schools as this will help to attract families and if you’re looking to attract working professionals look at what big organisations are within the area, organisations such Jaguar Land Rover will always have people that are looking for places close by which would make renting the property a bit easier.


Screen Shot 2018 07 17 at 15.00.56

Give it a good clean - 

When starting to prep the garden for summer it is always best to start with cleaning it up, getting rid of any junk that may have accumulated over the winter will always make the garden appear cleaner. 

Take a look at your fencing - 

Keeping the fencing in order is a key way to get the garden ready for summer, as it is a feature that will always make or break a garden. To keep the fences looking their best, it is best to treat them with some kind of treatment and to paint them if the colour has vanished. This will help restore them and bring the garden together. 

Cut the grass - 

Cutting the grass is another key way to getting the garden ready for summer. Making sure the grass is being cut to a low level will help to keep the garden tidy and will make sure you are prepared for any sudden gatherings that may take place throughout the summer period. 

Clean down the BBQ - 

Cleaning the BBQ down will always help to prepare the garden for the summer. Depending on what type of BBQ you have and what it has been exposed to over the summer period, will determine how much cleaning it will need. Some BBQs will just need a wash down while others will have to have a deeper clean. 

Check the garden furniture - 

Make sure the garden furniture is in a good conidition, with the harsh winter we have endured this year it may have caused the furniture to rot and become damaged to the point where you may need to invest in some new furniture.

Include flowers in the garden - 

Planting some flowers will help to brighten and bring the garden to life. If you are more green fingered and enjoy gardening then planting a wide range of flowers will be better for you but if you aren't into your gardening planting 1-2 different types will allow for you to easily manage them.

Cleaning your gardening tools - 

Just like your garden furniture the tools may have also become damaged over the winter period so make sure you are checking that they all still work. Complete any work that it needed on them before you start to use them so you can achieve the best results. 

Our top 7 tips for moving


Tip 1 - Start to pack your things early

Packing all of your stuff early will help you to be able to feel more organised when packing everything up. It's best to start packing up rooms that are least used which makes it easier to not end up with lots of boxes all over the place as you are able to store them in the empty rooms once everything has been put into boxes.

Tip 2 - Label all boxes clearly

Clearly marking all the boxes will help the unpacking process as everything should already be marked so everyone knows what's in it and where it should go. 

Tip 3 - Choose the months that are generally warmer

Choosing the months between the end of March and start of July is always a wise thing to do as the weather is generally warmer than the start of the year but not completely boiling which will help to make the moving process a lot easier. 

Tip 4 - Choose a recognised removal firm 

When choosing a removal firm it's always key to read reviews on how other people have found their service. There is no point choosing a firm that is £40 cheaper but finding half of your things have been smashed due to them rushing to get it done or just disrespect your things. 

Tip 5 - Keep an essential kit seperate

Keeping a bag or box away from the rest of the things being moved is a good idea as it will help you to have everything you need for a few days packed separately and not stuck under your kitchen appliances. Always put all the necessities in such as toiletries, phone charges and any documents you may need while moving. 

Tip 6 - De Clutter everywhere

Making sure you've de cluttered your house before you start packing will make it easier to pack as would of, hopefully, thrown out a lot of stuff you no longer need or use, this then means you're left with a smaller quantity of items to pack and put into boxes. 

Tip 7 - Change your address

Remebering to change your address is key to a successful move. No one wants to find out that their mail has been sent to their old address 6 months down the line, make sure everything has been updated to your new address instead of your old one. 




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The WV4 postcode predominately covers Penn, Warstones, Merry Hill, parts of Goldthorn Park and Parkfields.  The WV4 postcode has a lot to offer families and working professionals that are looking for a convenient location that can offer them a lot.

The average house prices and rental prices are fairly average for Wolverhampton. The average sale price in WV4 is £182,848 and the average rental price is £661pcm, the houses within the WV4 postcode mainly consisting of 2 and 3 bed houses, which are perfect for a family looking to move to the area. There are also a lot of apartments that are available to any working professionals looking for nice area that isn’t too far away from the city centre.  

The travel routes that this postcode has makes it an easy commute into the town centre due to it having regular bus services that take around 20 minutes to get into the city centre. There are also easy links to be able to commute by car with the M6, M54 and M5 not being too far away.

Another thing that also makes this postcode a good one for families is the schools that are within the area. It benefits from having schools that are achieving good levels with primary schools such as St Bartholomew’s Church of England being rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and Warstons Primary School being rated as ‘Good’. The secondary schools are also doing well in the area with Highfields School being rated as ‘good’ along with Colton Hills School.  

The area also has a lot of outdoor areas perfect for being able to have a walk in during the warmer months along with a lot of pubs and restaurants perfect for a meal out. 

Miller Carter PennThe pubs and restaurants are all very nice and include; miller and carter and the rose and crown, which are both highly regarded within the area.  The area also benefits from a number of sports clubs which are all open to members of the public being able join and include sports such as football, cricket and golf.


Overall the WV4 area is a very good area to think about buying or renting a property as it offers a good standard of living with housing not be overly expensive and also benefiting from close links with the city centre so making it a great area to choose if you work in the city centre or want to have easy access to the motorways.